Hello, me again!

First things first... I smile a lot, listen well, and want to help your body move and feel its absolute best. 

A pleasure to meet you and thanks for being a little bit nosy about me.

Your body is amazing. Ok, I've not seen your body. But I know this to be true, because all bodies are amazing. They have an incredible way of adapting to everything we put them through and all that life throws at them

This is usually a good thing. It means we can learn new sports skills or get faster and stronger. However, it also means that hours spent hunched over a laptop, that niggling back ache or persistent knee pain can change the way we move & lead to an imbalance in key muscle groups, causing further pain and restriction. 

Before you know it, your body no longer works how it used to and starts to feel a bit alien.


to help you to feel strong, move freely 

and be in control of your body




 These all require functional, pain-free movement

My philosophy

I'm a firm believer in the adage, "Movement is medicine".

To continue moving well throughout all stages of life, you need to build a solid foundation, including all these essential elements:

Proper alignment - the ideal positioning of bones and joints to optimise the use of the muscles and minimise the risk of injury

Mobility - freely accessing a usable range of motion, without placing stress on the body

Agility - the ability to change the body's position effectively and with control

Strength relative to your own body - the nervous system working more efficiently to coordinate movement

I get that there's a lot of '2 weeks to a bikini body!' and 'Smash 1000 calories a session!' around at the moment.

​If you're looking for someone who promises super-quick, massive weight loss using their secret method, there are hundreds of those guys out there. But that's just not me. 

Your investment

Being able to move well & pain-free is a necessity, not a luxury.

Health and fitness coaching should be about so much more than getting smashed for an hour a week in the gym or paying someone just to count reps, not caring how you're moving or what you're feeling.

 You deserve:





I'm interested in how you breathe, walk, sit, sleep, run, twist and lift. 

In order to help you move the way you want for the life that you lead,

I need to fully understand what’s important to you.

My investment

Knowledge is power, as they say, so I chose to study a Level 4 Specialist Personal Training Diploma. It qualifies me to help clients with medical conditions such as cardio vascular disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, arthritis and obesity - seeing positive changes in these conditions as a result of increased, good quality movement, is a pretty powerful thing, in my book.

A member of the Chartered Institute for the Management of Sport and Physical Activity (CIMSPA), my current qualifications include:

  • GP Exercise Referral 

  • Level 3 Personal Trainer

  • Leadership in Running Fitness - UK Athletics

  • Core Training 

  • Circuit Training 

  • Functional Equipment Training 

  • Nutrition and Weight Management Specialist 

  • Behaviour Change Coach 

  • Lower Back Pain Exercise Specialist (currently studying)

I intend to keep increasing my knowledge until my brain explodes, but some of my most beneficial learning has come from helping people; from children, all the way up to adults in their 70s and 80s. Over 1000 hours of 1-2-1 coaching experience has allowed me to work with all kinds of bodies; each amazing in their own way.

My story

Did you read the part above about being slumped

over a laptop and what it can do to your posture? Well, that used to be me too. For nearly 15 years. 

I started life in law, then worked on the Mayor of London's flagship cycling policies, helping people of all ages to get more active - all whilst being rather inactive, sitting at my desk.

Luckily, I've always enjoyed moving my body.

From spending over a decade trying out nearly every type of exercise class in London, to doing triathlons; a regular yoga practice as well as strength training overseen by some fantastic personal trainers. All of which helped to balance the effects of the daily grind.

Even so, I still noticed limitations in my movement, which sometimes caused pain and restrictions. Speaking to others, I heard similar stories.

Shoulder niggle in a tennis serve.   Back pain, with no identifiable cause.  Limited rotation in their golf swing.   Runner's knee.  

Neck tightness causing shooting headaches

The list goes on.

For both these and my own issues, I questioned the solution. Turns out, the answer is movement. 

Quality movement that focusses on alignment, mobility, agility and strength 

Addressing muscular imbalances - weaknesses, tightness - whilst finding the best way to move your body for the life you want to lead.

Essentially, finding Your Best Fit. (See what I did there?!)

I think I've found it. I'd be pretty chuffed to help you find it too.

I hope that helps you decide whether you'd like to



I'm really looking forward to meeting you.

Have the best day,


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